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Spring Offering of Wagyu Beef

Wildflower Ranch Wagyu

April 12th Offering of Registered, 100% Fullblood Wagyu Beef

1/2 Steer: Deposit $500

$6.50/lb on the hoof (live weight)

How’s it work?

1. Choose how thick you’d like your steaks cut, and how much ground Wagyu you want for burger.

2. Submit your cutsheet with the deposit to reserve. You may divide to a smaller portion (1/4 steer), but you must share the same cutsheet with your partner. Burger processing is an extra $0.75/lb.

3. We weigh the steer (expected to be about 1600 lbs.)

4. Meat is cut to your specifications, cured, frozen and ready for pick up in approximately 14-16 days (on or about April 28th.)

5. Make your final payment after weigh-in to Wildflower Ranch, deposit will be credited, and we will release your meat for pickup (processing fee for burger meat is due to Jarrett’s at pick-up)

Jarrett’s Processing

335 Cross Roads St.

Madisonville, TX 77864

Enjoy the Grilling!

Next Offering is November 2021

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