April 12th Offering of Registered, 100% Fullblood Wagyu Beef

1/2 Steer: Deposit $500

$6.50/lb on the hoof (live weight)

Registered, 100% Fullblood Wagyu Beef

1 Pound
  • How’s it work? 

    • Choose how thick you’d like your steaks cut, and how much ground Wagyu you want for burger. 
    • Submit your cutsheet  (attached) with the deposit to reserve. You may divide to a smaller portion (1/4 steer), but you must share the same cutsheet with your partner. Burger processing is an extra $0.75/lb.
    • We weigh the steer (expected to be about 1600 lbs.)
    • Meat is cut to your specifications, cured, frozen and ready for pick up in approximately 14-16 days (on or about April 28th.)
    • Make your final payment after weigh-in to Wildflower Ranch, deposit will be credited, and we will release your meat for pickup (processing fee for burger meat is due to Jarrett’s at pick-up)
    • For additional details contact us at info@ranchwildflower.com